Classes & Courses

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General / Beginners Yoga

For new students or those wanting refine the foundations of the poses and breathing techniques. Building strength, stamina, balance, range of motion and mobility.  Learn how to breath more efficiently allowing for prana (life force energy) to vitalize your being. Moving the body is so important, and yoga not only increases body tone, muscle strength and flexibility, it also improves energy levels, respiration, and vitality.

Suitable for 12 years +

Body Positive

For those who feel uncomfortable in 'the standard' class, whether it's because of inflexibility, being unfit or weakness, in this class you can dive into yoga in a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment. It is gentle pacing, using props and modifications to help increase joint health, flexibility and strength. Class finishes with a short relaxation or meditation.

Suitable for 12 years+

Wildfire Body & Mind

Working on stamina, strength, flexibility, core stability, increased co-ordination and endurance. A mixture of Japanese remedial, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, the asanas (poses) are strung together to make a sequence that flows with the breath, often pausing and holding asanas. Finishing with activating the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the mind and finding inner peace by practicing breath work, meditation and/or relaxation. A physically demanding class that will power up your spirit and fire up your mind.

Suitable for 16 years +

Stretch & Restore

A restful practice using props to help you move into a deep relaxation and allowing the mind to find stillness. Allow yourself to release tension and stress while simultaneously improving your flexibility, targeting your connective tissue, as well as the ligaments and the joints of the body. This class will help pull you out of "flight or flight" mode, engaging your parasympathetic nervous system, initiating the body's self healing process, allowing renewal and rejuvenation.

Suitable for 16 years +

Pure Wonder

Not just a yoga class, this is a guided self-discovery process that empowers children to become self aware through a variety of activities that support unity of self and promote wellbeing. When children begin to wonder about the language of their feelings (bodies & sensory messages), their thoughts (mind & thought patterns). and their actions (behaviours & issues) they are able to navigate life situations with an inner ease and outer confidence. This self knowledge establishes foundations for lifelong wellbeing. This 7 week program allows children to understand that their behaviours and actions all have meaning and provides a map to the feelings and thoughts behind the behaviour.  Suitable for primary aged children. 

Yoga for Healthy Ageing 

A relaxed and friendly chair yoga class targeted at seniors, or for those that want all the health benefits yoga offers without having to get onto the floor. Emphasis is on simple stretching, balancing and building strength. Props are used to help the body with alignment, flexibility and gain a greater range of mobility, keeping you as physically active for as long as possible!

Breathing techniques are introduced to help energise you or allow your mind flow into a state of calm. 

Meditation Chill

A friendly and relaxing meditation class where different styles of meditation will be explored each week. Bring a cushion if you prefer to sit during the session, otherwise bring a mat or blanket to lay on. Mats and bolsters are provided if you don't have your own. Enjoy a herbal tea and discussion afterwards. Some meditations explored are: Drumming, guided visualisations, chakras, candle gazing, mindfulness exercises and more. A great way to meet other like minded people.



Are you ready for fun? To laugh? To meet new friends? To get fit in a whole new way? To bring a little sauciness to your life?

Then welcome to Burlesque! A 4 week course where you will learn a burlesque dance  routine while getting fit in a fun lighthearted way. No removal of clothes. No previous dance experience necessary.

This class is suitable for all woman from 18yrs who like to have fun, want to learn to love their bodies and to finally discard all those pesky words we label ourselves with. Sassy, fun and a little bit naughty while getting fit! This 4 week course renews as each course finishes.

Private Sessions

Wanting to delve a little deeper into yoga? Or perhaps you just want to begin your yoga journey in a safe and gentle environment without onlookers. Whatever your reason, private lessons are tailored to your specific needs. Kylie combines her knowledge in Hatha yoga, Chair yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Japanese remedial yoga, Meditation and Breathwork to help you achieve your goals. Please contact Kylie for booking schedule and prices.

Kids Chillax

Primary School students.  

A fun, supportive, creative and nurturing atmosphere providing the opportunity to make meaningful connections to one's self and others in a non-judgmental and non-competitive way. Kids Chilllax helps bring a sense of calmness, helps with concentration, body awareness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Also teaching movement in a fun and mindful way so they can learn how to be aware of their bodies. Teaching breathing and relaxing techniques. School term.

Warrior Within

Be here, right in this moment, in this body. Breathing into the experience. Be attentive, focusing on exactly what is needed to fully experience the form each pose. A Warrior must, at all times, be present, ready for anything that may arise. When we are truly grounded, we are in that present moment, at one with whatever is happening. Standing our ground is not fixed and rigid: it is solid yet adaptable. We also find courage, the willingness to take a risk. Often we might fall out of a pose, yet instead of feeling like we failed, there’s a new sense of inner power – we’ve experienced exactly what we feared, and we survived! We learn the battle isn't outside of us, yet inside of us. Because when we’re truly in our power, with the courage to look at everything, clarity of mind, and non- attachment, there is nothing to fight within, either. When we don’t have expectations, we are free to enjoy everything for exactly what it is. And we can accept ourselves just as we are, too. 

This class focuses strength of body and mind.

The 'Journal of developmental and behavioural paediatrics' show that teenagers that participated in weekly yoga scored better on psychological tests screening for anxiety, depression & mood imbalances than the teens that didn't participate in yoga.  All levels are welcome as everyone will work within their limits.