Core Values

  • Core Values 


  • Be kind – We always strive to be the best part of our member’s day.

  • Be holistic – Apply a natural approach to nutrition, lifestyle and fitness that supports each member.

  • Be transparent – Approach everything with integrity, honesty and transparency

  • Be positive – Encourage others and be loving and compassionate to all

  • Be your best – Be at your best. Or at the very least be good. Encourage others to be the same.

  • Have fun – Be playful and enjoy yourself!

  • Exceed expectations – Bring value and exceed member expectations High value and exceeding expectations.

  • Be community-minded – Make friends in fitness and in health. Give back to the community and those in need.

  • Always improve – Strive for continuous education and improvement.

  • Be part of the team.


Here at Wild Workouts & Wellness, we are fully committed to empowering people to live healthier, happier and fuller lives.

Wild Workouts & Wellness is a health community that supports individuals on their fitness and health journeys.  The Wild Workouts and Wellness community provides a positive, safe, educational and most importantly, fun environment for clients to catapult lifestyle changes to help members live happier, healthier, and fuller lives. Wild Workouts & Wellness is more than just workouts, we provide holistic whole food nutrition advice, educational videos, home workouts, support groups, and most of all a fun, social environment.  Even though the majority of our workouts are group oriented, Wild Workouts & Wellness makes it a point to make a personal connection to each and every client.


The guaranteed way to achieve lasting weight loss and increase fitness levels is in a supportive community that feels like family while having fun.  We promise you will become part of a family that enjoys working out and is supportive and encouraging while also being challenged. You will be greeted by name by your coaches and clients alike and receive individualized attention while working out with your Wild friends in a group environment.

Wild Workouts and Wellness has been recognized as one of Milwaukee’s best for personal training and group workout studios by the WISN A-List and Best of Milwaukee.  Our safe and effective group personal training is based on professional program design and assessment, accountability, education and the convenience of the most available group training times in the Milwaukee area.

Unlike other boot camps and big box gyms where you and your goals get lost in the crowd, our services focus on providing individual attention in a supportive, group environment that feels like family.  Our highly trained staff can work with individuals of all skill and health levels and design programs and exercises to meet your needs.

Like sailing, moving through life demands a synchronization with natural forces that requires skill and intuition, the ability to set a course yet change with the wind and currents. If you want to sail, you have to know how to assess the conditions of the weather—blustery, calm, choppy—which constantly fluctuate, as do our physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

The teachings of yoga include a view called parinamavada, the idea that constant change is an inherent part of life. Therefore, to proceed skillfully with any action, we must first assess where we are starting from today; we cannot assume we are quite the same person we were yesterday. We are all prone to ignoring the changing conditions of our body-mind; we often distort the reality of who we are based on who we think that we should be. This can show up on the yoga mat in any number of inappropriate choices: engaging in a heating, rigorous practice when we’re agitated or fatigued; doing a restorative practice when we’re stagnant; going to an advanced yoga class when a beginning class better suits our experience and skills. In order to avoid such unbeneficial actions, we need to start out with an accurate assessment of our current state.

So what are the observations a good yogic sailor should make before initiating a vinyasa? Like checking out the boat, wind, and waves before you sail, an initial survey of your being can become an instinctive ritual. Ask yourself: What is my energy level? Am I raring to go? Holding any tension? Am I experiencing any little physical twinges or injury flare-ups? Do I feel balanced and ready to sail into my practice? How is my internal state? Am I calm, agitated, focused, scattered, emotionally vulnerable, mentally overloaded, clear and open?

These questions are relevant to how we begin any action, not just our asana practice. In choosing what foods we eat, when we sleep, our conversations and our actions with others—everything that we do—we must understand where we are coming from and choose actions that address any imbalances.

In teaching my students about vinyasa, I offer them ways of checking in with their current state at the start of their session. I also will suggest specific strategies for addressing impediments that may break up the flow of their practice. For example, on the bodily level students can choose a more calming practice or one that provides them with a more invigorating opening. If they have a twinge in the lower back, they might want to modify certain postures, perhaps substituting Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) for Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose). If they’re suffering from typical urban tensions in the neck and shoulders, they can use a small series of stretches—a mini-vinyasa, you might say—to encourage softening and release. On a more internal level, agitated students can focus on releasing tension by relaxing the face and breath; if their energy is more lethargic and diffused, they can focus on their drishti, or gaze, to increase their concentration.

The same insight that we use on the yoga mat can be applied to the way that we initiate actions elsewhere in our lives. Are you feeling anxious on your way to a big appointment? Drive more slowly and listen to some calming music to ensure that this imbalance doesn’t carry over into your meeting. Such adjustments do not show an unwillingness to accept what is or a compulsive attempt to fix everything until it is just right. Rather, they are evidence of a deep awareness of and appropriate response to reality. A yogic sailor embraces the changing winds and current and the challenge of setting course in harmony with the ebb and flow of nature.

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About Kylie

Leaving her first class, in the early 90's, energised and light on her feet, she wondered how a few strange movements could have her feeling so in love with everything that surrounded her!

Many years later, in 2007, Kylie decided she wanted to share this joy and began her yoga teacher training journey with the beautiful Swami Sarasvati. She is forever participating in courses, learning what she can, but finds her students teach her the most. Kylie thrives on change & spontaneity, constantly trying to bring variety and new concepts to her classes. She feels honoured to have the chance to bring the transformative & healing magic of yoga to others.



760hr Gov Accredited  Yoga Therapy Teaching

350hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Certificate Swami Yoga Teacher Training

 Certificate Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Certificate Meditation & Holistic Counselling

50hrs Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

50hrs Pranayama Breathwork Training

50hrs Hands on Adjustment for Teachers

Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy

Certificate Burlesque Teacher Training

Continuing Professional Development:

Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit with Swami Muktibodhananda ('Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā').

Yoga & Ayurveda

Wholefood & Plant-Based Nutrition

Nutrition Psychology

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level 1

Art Therapy & Mental Health